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To place an order, simply visit our Product categories and choose the product that you like and click on Add to Basket button. As the item is added on basket, click on the basket link on the top of the website and process for checkout.
We have various options over printed muffler. Visit our Muffler section and choose the best one you like. Further more, you will need to provide us the required logo and message to be printed in muffler. And Then your muffler is ready.
We use best selected materials for our products. 100% wool are used in mufflers. There wool are also available in different colors. Beside the material, we make sure the product meets the client requirement and also carry out various tests and check up before we deliver our product.
You can choose upto 4 color to be printed in a muffler. However the best design comes in 2 or 3 color.
If incase any customer wants to cancel purchase order within 12 working hours no any charges will levied, then after each working hour it will cost a consecutive rate of 10% per hour of purchase price as a termination charge. If the order is placed in a custom size, color, style etc. there is no any cancellation policy we can offer unless the purchase goods itself reaches the customer in a worst condition.
We believe in fast service with best quality product so it will take not more than 48 hours for us to execute an order.
Our products are all made in our own factory situated at Kalanki, Kathmandu.
We ought to ship packages to our overseas client where the customer needs to bear all the shipping/courier charges and overseas duties. All of the inland duties and liabilities will be beared by company itself.
Yes, Our products are made from the finest and selected materials. We not only ensure quality woolen products to our client but also provide quick and quality services.
Yes of course we are providing discounted price on mass quantity order. The price are negotiable and eventually decided during several meeting with client themselves.
“We believe in fast service with best quality product so it will take not more than 48 hours for us to execute an order.”