Ganeshdeep Pashmina, Established in 2049 is a pashmina manufacturing company satisfying customer’s desire to consume high end exquisite pashmina/cashmere products over last two decades. Ganeshdeep pashmina udhyog is equally determined to maintain its status on tourism sector also. What best defines us is our quality of products and withholding customer service. We move forward with the motto of “customer comes first”. No matter what it takes, we intent to satisfy our customers.

During previous phase of Ganeshdeep Pashmina we worked as an export based supplier & few retail in a local market but due to spreading market of pashmina industries we now offer online platform for pashmina lovers to fulfill their craze of pashmina. Everything that bears Ganeshdeep mark is designed to provide a customer full satisfaction on using it. In this site we offer ony the selected ones from our list of enormous variant of style and colors.

In context of how we started, The Ganeshdeep Pashmina Udhyog undertook venture simultaneously after the “First Peoples Movement” took place in Nepal. After the government took decision in favor of people and assure stable political future numbers of industries established where Ganeshdeep Pashmina Udhyog was also one of them. In Initial phase we use to operate few handlooms and own dyeing station. Countering the emerging markets and adorable quality, we made it this far with automated power looms, environment friendly own dyeing station, no. of knitting machines and around 50 plus workers. We feel proud to announce that we manufacture best quality pashmina.